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Vagina Care Steaming Herbs SPA Capsule Machine Yoni V Steam Chairs For Women

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Vagina Care Steaming Herbs SPA Capsule Machine Yoni V Steam Chairs For Women

Vagina Care Steaming Herbs SPA Capsule Machine Yoni V Steam Chairs For Women
Vagina Care Steaming Herbs SPA Capsule Machine Yoni V Steam Chairs For Women Vagina Care Steaming Herbs SPA Capsule Machine Yoni V Steam Chairs For Women Vagina Care Steaming Herbs SPA Capsule Machine Yoni V Steam Chairs For Women

Large Image :  Vagina Care Steaming Herbs SPA Capsule Machine Yoni V Steam Chairs For Women

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Oman
Certification: CE
Model Number: OM145
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 109*110*82cm/80KG
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Credit Card
Supply Ability: 1000/Set/Month

Vagina Care Steaming Herbs SPA Capsule Machine Yoni V Steam Chairs For Women

Product Name:: Vaginal Steamer Machine Color:: White And Pink
Material:: ABS Size:: 109*110*82cm
Voltage:: 110V/220V/240V Function: Vaginal Care
High Light:

Vagina Care SPA Capsule Machine Oman


Steaming herbs SPA Capsule Machine Oman


Yoni v steam chairs

                                 Professional Yoni V-Steam Chairs For Spa Women Vagina Care Steaming herbs


Principle of Yoni V-Steam chair :

1. Far-infrared rays: Far-infrared rays are called "the light of life and the source of all things' growth" by the medical community.
It has been confirmed that the vibration frequency of far-infrared rays is consistent with the human cells, and when it penetrates into the human body, it will cause the human cells to follow.
It produces a "resonance effect", and through resonance absorption, a thermal reaction is formed, which promotes the temperature rise in the deep subcutaneous layer.
It can dilate microvessels, promote blood circulation, remove obstacles that hinder metabolism, and revive tissues again.
Promote the production of enzymes to activate tissue cells, prevent aging, and strengthen the immune system.


Product name Yoni V-Steam Chairs
Keywords vagina steamer chair

1. Local weight loss detoxification

2. Body cold, cold hands and feet, moisture;

3. Gynecological inflammation, lower abdominal pain;

4. Acne, constipation.

5. Back pain, cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulder.

6. Kidney deficiency, decreased resistance.

Power 100-240V



2. Meridian therapy: Meridian therapy is based on the basic theory of Chinese medicine, the theory of the five elements of the meridian and the viscera.
A traditional Chinese medicine therapy for symptomatic treatment. First, because the meridians circulate throughout the body, they are distributed on the body surface.
There are a lot of acupoints, so acupuncture, cupping, scraping, massage, massage, pedicure, etc. can be performed on these parts.
To act on the body through the meridians. Second, the circulation of the meridians is strange. The circulation of the meridians starts from the feet
Ascending to the head, some also originate from the head and descend to the foot, so pedicure can treat head disease, and waist disease can be used for popliteal (knee)
fossa), ear disease can be cured, the principle lies in this. Third, there are special zones in the distribution of meridian points. These
The special zone and the center of the human body are connected through the meridians, so some meridians can be used for first aid and invigorating the center.
(in the middle of the nose and lip), Baihui (on the top of the head), Yongquan (in the heart of the foot), Laogong (in the palm of the hand), Shenque (in the belly)
umbilical cord) ... all have the role of first aid. Fourth, there are meridians and qi running in the meridians. So by guiding,
It can promote the operation of meridian qi, so as to promote blood circulation, strengthen the kidney, and strengthen the viscera. This is the meridian nourishment.
The mystery of life.


3. Hot moxibustion: through the nano-ionic membrane, the heat storage capacity is strong and the penetration is good (can penetrate into the subcutaneous 10-15
cm), after heating, it acts on the meridians of the human body to form a deep thermal moxibustion effect, which can promote blood circulation and accelerate
The metabolism of the human body makes the blood vessels moderately contract and expand, which is an effective "heart and brain health gymnastics".
Diseases and skin have health benefits.


4. Energy light wave: Biological light wave refers to a series of red light, Bomb light, and micron light that are beneficial to the human body and are easy to use.
Light waves absorbed by the human body. Relying on photochemical reactions to generate a large amount of singlet oxygen to target and kill virus cells, making them
Necrosis and apoptosis, thereby repairing the defects of the cellular immune system and activating the autoimmune function.


5.  Chinese medicine believes that "disease is on the top and treatment is on the bottom", which means that the symptoms are written on the face, and the treatment should be carried out from the lower part of the body first.
Treatment can achieve the root effect. According to traditional literature records, "women's lower abdomen diseases are all caused by the condensation of cold air.
It should be treated with fumigation", which further verifies the importance of sitting fumigation. According to the ancient medical books "Eastern Medicine Treasure Mirror" and "Emperor
According to the "Nei Jing", sitting smoke therapy is very effective in the treatment of women's gynecological inflammation, edema and constipation caused by physical pain.
good therapeutic effect. Before humans walk upright, the perineum is always open to the outside world, and the perineum is always open during the day.
It can also illuminate the sun, and at night can illuminate the energy light of the moon and other cosmic stars such as the Big Dipper, so the perineum
Acupoints can get enough yang intake at all times. But since humans began to walk upright, these parts
Being shielded, sunlight and cosmic energy will never be illuminated. In addition, modern people sit more and move less, go to bed late and get up late, and drink cold drinks.
Many bad living habits such as cold food have caused many people to have a serious lack of yang, low immunity, and long-term health.
In a sub-health state of yin and yang decline. As we all know, moxibustion is the best way to replenish yang energy and remove dampness and cold.
Method, perineal point is the best acupoint for supplementing yang, but it is difficult to carry out due to the particularity of the location of periyin point
Moxibustion physiotherapy, while traditional moxibustion therapy is prone to occur due to serious smoke pollution, time-consuming and laborious operation
Many drawbacks such as burns are difficult to be accepted by modern people, but far infrared sitting smoke is just a perfect solution.
This problem, far-infrared sitting smoke not only makes moxibustion at yin acupoints simple and easy to operate, but also completely avoids the transmission of moxibustion.
The disadvantages of traditional moxibustion therapy make moxibustion cleaner, healthier and more fashionable and romantic.




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